GDPharm Logistics

Biosamples transportation

For the biological samples transportation our company provides validated and qualified insulated containers, as well as, if necessary, additional equipment: racks, zip bags, etc.

We carry out transportation of any type of infected specimens, including fulfilling the relevant conditions and complying with the requirements of dangerous goods shipping. When transported by air shipped biological samples are undergone a declaration procedure.

Our staff regularly disinfects reusable thermal equipment, on the contrary one-use equipment undergoes a destruction procedure.

Temperature regimes for biosamples transportation:

Due to the individual approach to this type of shipment, our company guarantees the possibility of delivery in a short time. Delivery time within the city can be from 2 to 6 hours by additional agreement.

From cities of the Russian Federation, for instance, to Moscow - no more than 24 hours and 48 hours from remote cities of the Russian Federation.

Our company solves tasks of any complexity and always fulfills clients’ special needs.

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